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The RTLS Market


Locasys markets and delivers active RFID and ultrasonic locational intelligence solutions.

We are specialists in developing location-aware solutions for our customers. Why? So we can be the best at what we do! We have customers throughout the UK, Europe, US and the Middle East; our clients range from medium sized companies to globally recognised brand names. We also work with partners who operate in specialised domains and vertical markets that have a need to solve real-world problems that require locational intelligence. See our Partners section for more information.

Over the next few years we will service the growing RTLS market by:

  • Continuing to specialise in developing innovative location-aware solutions so that we can be the best at what we do;
  • Developing applications that widen the use of RTLS;
  • Innovating to reduce the cost of ownership making RTLS increasingly attractive to more businesses in more market sectors, and;
  • Continuing to deliver our RTLS solutions to end customers via our installation partners.


Locasys technology is deployed across a broad spectrum of market sectors providing businesses with solutions for knowing where people and assets(such as keys, tools, medical equipment, containers and vehicles, etc.) are in real time.

Locasys solutions provide continuous communication between the on-site network of location modules and the objects being positioned, and automatically gather and record location-based data for real time and post event analysis.

Our deployments solve key problems for businesses as they seek:

  • Visualisation of the location and movement of personnel in buildings;
  • Visualisation of the location and movement of assets in buildings;
  • Improvement in current on-site safety levels for personnel and other key assets;
  • Solutions for mobilising staff in real time;
  • To merge existing enterprise information and geospatial data for enhanced situational awareness;
  • Automation of data gathering and monitoring for regulatory and compliance obligations;
  • Enhanced site safety for personnel.

Contact us to find out how Locasys can provide you with solutions that:

  • Enhance site safety;
  • Reduce wastage;
  • Improve productivity;
  • Record vital information to drive improved business efficiency;
  • Record vital information for regulatory and compliance obligations;
  • Provide peace of mind.

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We are specialists in RFID and Ultrasound-based locational intelligence technology. Why? So we can be the best at what we do! We partner with industry specialists, domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions that are location aware.

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