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Locasys Technology

  • At the heart of all our solutions is our LocaTOR™ ‘locational intelligence’ technology.
  • Each of our RFID or Ultrasound-based A-Tags has a unique ID. A-Tags can then be detected by LocaTOR™ beacons which provide high granularity location information via a Gateway reader attached to a central computer.
  • Locational information can then be leveraged in a variety of software applications built on top of our A-Vue software platform.

At the heart of all our solutions is our LocaTOR™ 'locational intelligence' technology. Uniquely, our LocaTOR™ beacons can be battery powered which means that a location-aware solution can be deployed quickly & easily with little infrastructure cost. Simply position LocaTOR™s where required, register A-Tags into the A-Vue administration console and away you go!

How is locational intelligence information being put to use? We have many innovative applications deployed ranging from emergency mustering to museum information systems, key tracing to visitor chaperoning. Please see our Applications pages for more details and inspiration! We also have many case studies of how our location-aware technology is being put to use. Also check out our Industries pages for vertical market applications.

Locasys RTLS components work together to provide the core functionality of a location-aware solution. Each installation leverages the following components:



Can detect Locasys A-Tags within 50 metres. LocaTOR™s can be battery powered and communicate wirelessly with any LocaTOR Gateway reader within range.

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Gateway Reader

Gateway Reader

Communicate LocaTOR™s A-Tag detection information to the A-Vue software allowing positional information to be processed. Can detect which LocaTOR™ an A-Tag is nearest to base on signal strength.

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Broadcast a unique ID for a tagged asset or person. They can be incorporated into a fob, badge or similar attachment.

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LocaTOR™ A-Vue Software Development Kit


All Locasys RTLS solutions utilise the same underlying software architecture and data communications interface. Location information can be held locally or configured to be stored in the Cloud.

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