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Easy to Get Started

Can be battery-powered so LocaTOR™s can be positioned where required quickly and easily to monitor the location of tagged objects.

Low Cost Deployment

Wire free means that there is no need for power or communications cabling and our RTLS solutions are deployed quickly with minimum disruption to businesses.

Quick & Easy Configuration

Each LocaTOR™ in an installation communicates wirelessly with the LocaTOR™ Gateway reader. Each LocaTOR™ is registered into a LocaTOR™ A-Vue software solution to allow the application logic to operate.

Quality Support

The Locasys team is available throughout the commissioning process and to help implement, launch, and support your location-aware business solution.


Electrical Power

  • A 3 x AA batteries with 1500mAh nominal specified capacity
  • Average current consumption in use typically 76 micro A
  • Current consumption not in use is typically less than 1 micro A

Transceiver RF Specifications - 868.95MHz, 915,MHz, 867. MHz

  • Operating Frequency 868.95 MHz (wireless exempt band)
  • Transmission Range up to 100 metres
  • Integral loop antenna matched to a narrow band SAW filter
  • Transmit Range, typically 30m line of sight
  • Low ageing frequency reference, <1ppm per annum
  • Modulation, Manchester coded FSK at +/- 38.4kHz deviation
  • Manchester data rate 20.945kbps
  • Wireless LocaTOR™s transmit at 5.25 seconds intervals
  • RF output typically -26 dBm (26 micro watts) e.i.r.p.
  • Spurious radiation below 1GHz less than 4nW
  • Spurious radiation above 1GHz less than 1 micro W
  • 16 bit CRC for extremely highly data integrity
  • Tag receive range, average set at around 0.6m
  • Receiver operates on a 10.5 second duty cycle
  • Conforms to ETSI EN300-220-2.1.1.

Locator™ Operation

LocaTOR™ transceiver, configurable to receive transmissions from personnel tags within 1-30 metres “the read zone”. LocaTOR™s transmit their own ID and all the tag ID's within the read zone to the Gateway reader.