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Easy to Get Started

A LocaTOR™ Gateway reader is easily configured to attach directly into your network via an Ethernet cable. It is quickly configured to relay information to the LocaTOR™ A-Vue software using its IP address.

One Is All It Needs

For most installations only one LocaTOR™ Gateway reader will be required being able to communicate wirelessly with hundreds of LocaTOR™s.

Closest Proximity

The LocaTOR™ Gateway reader is able to identify which LocaTOR™ an A-Tag is closest to based on signal strength. This opens up a host of location-enabled business applications.

Quality Support

The Locasys team is available throughout the commissioning process and to help implement, launch, and support your location-aware business solution.


Electrical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage 9-15Vdc, at reader terminals
  • Current consumption typically 25mA, max with both relays driven 60mA @ 12Vdc
  • Both relays outputs single pole changeover 1A max @ 24Vdc/120Vac non inductive

Indicator LEDs on printed circuit board

  • Tag RX – Green LED, flashes when tag received
  • Power – Green LED
  • RS485 TX – Yellow LED, blinks when message sent via RS485
  • Relay 1 – Red LED, on when relay driven
  • Relay 2 – Blue LED, on when relay driven

RF Specifications - 868MHz, 867.90MHz, 915.15 MHz

  • Range, RSSI adjustable from 0.3m to 30m line of sight
  • Operating frequency 868, 867.90 & 915.30 MHz
  • Low ageing frequency reference, <1ppm per annum
  • Noise figure 1.5dB
  • Input SAW filter 1200 kHz 3dB bandwidth
  • IF filter bandwidth 110kHz, double filtered
  • Demodulation. FSK optimised for +/- 40 kHz deviation
  • Channel spacing 100kHz
  • Excellent blocking and adjacent Channel rejection
  • Antenna socket SMA 50 Ohm
  • RF input return loss 11.2 dB
  • Sensitivity >=-105 dBm
  • Max RF Input +20 dBm

Data Interfaces

  • RS485 full duplex, maximum 64 readers per network
  • RS485 line termination via software command
  • RS232 if connected to active port, disables RS485 communications
  • 19200 baud 8n1 protocol
  • Polled 24 tag deep, first in last out (FILO), data buffer
  • WLAN IEEE 803.11 b/g module operational addition


  • Operational temperature 0 to +50 centigrade
  • Storage temperature -10 to +70 centigrade
  • Humidity 5% to 80% (non condensing)