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Evaluation Kit

Want To Get Started with RTLS? We Can Help!

The LocaTOR™ Evaluation Kit contains all of the components needed to set up a small scale LocaTOR™-based system and for developers to familiarize themselves with our LocaTOR™ hardware components and A-Vue SDK, enabling you to start building and testing your RTLS application quickly and easily.

The Evaluation Kit gets you up and running in minutes and can be used out-of-the-box to develop a fully functional location-aware LocaTOR™ system. All LocaTOR™ hardware included in the development kit is the same as used in Locasys' commercial RTLS solutions. Our Open API interface is fully documented and indeed we use the same API calls as we make available to third-party developers and system integrators in developing our own commercial applications!

The sample application code we provide can be used to demonstrate real-time positioning, and provides an convenient entry point for developing custom OEM applications. We also provide test harnesses and object libraries for a variety of coding platforms along with full documentation and telephone support.

The standard LocaTOR™ Evaluation Kit contains the following components:

  • One LocaTOR™ Gateway;
  • Three LocaTOR™ Beacons;
  • Five LocaTOR™ A-Tags;
  • LocaTOR™A-Vue SDK including Open API documentation & sample code.

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