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Easy To Deploy

LocaTOR™ A-Tags are battery-powered and can be incorporated into a fob that can be attached to an asset or embedded in a badge holder that can be attached to someone's clothing.

Low Cost Scale Up

You can purchase the number of A-Tags you initially require initand then add more as a solution is rolled out across many sites or locations.

Customisation & Branding

We can provide white label A-Tags or for applications where a branded solution is required we can provide custom A-Tag enclosures with volume discounts.

Quality Support

The Locasys team is available throughout the commissioning process and to help implement, launch, and support your location-aware business solution.


A-Tags can be configured to operate for up to five years without changing batteries by incorporating a motion sensor and only reporting location information when moving and at lower frequency when stationary. This is especially useful for portable asset that are not in constant use.

Electrical Power

  • A 3 Volt Lithium coin cell with 580mAh nominal specified capacity
  • Average current consumption in use typically 5 micro A
  • Current consumption not in use is typically less than 0.25 micro A

RF Specifications 868.95MHz, 867.90MHz, 915.15MHz

  • Transmission Range up to 50 metres
  • Low ageing frequency reference, <1ppm per annum
  • Modulation, Manchester coded FSK at +/- 40kHz deviation
  • Manchester data rate 20.945kbps
  • 6 bit CRC for extremely highly data integrity
  • Badge/Tag transmits at 1.2 second intervals
  • RF output typically -26dBm (2.5 Micron Watts) e.i.r.p
  • Spurious radiation below 1GHz less than 4nW
  • Spurious radiation above 1GHz less than 1 micro W