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Locasys Partners

  • We specialise in low cost indoor location and positioning systems that let you know where your people and assets are. Why? So can we can be the best at what we do!
  • We operate in various industry sectors working in partnership with domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions to our customers.
  • Our focus is on making business applications 'location aware' enabling a range of problems to be solved.

Our Partners

Locasys works with partners who operate in specialised domains and vertical markets that have a need to solve real-world problems that require location-based information.

To see some of the solutions we have developed in partnership with customers and other third party companies please review our Case Studies section

If you work in a particular industry sector, you might want to check out our Industriessection.

Your business area or industry sector not represented here? Not to worry. We list the major areas we have worked in in the past, but future opportunities for partnerships abound and we are always keen to discuss new application areas we can apply our core indoor location technology to. So if you see anything on this website that whets your appetite or gets your thought processes whirling, please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas - nomatter how off the wall they might seem to be at first sight! If you have any business application that would benefit from becoming location aware - where GPS is either not accurate enough or not applicable in or around buildings - then please come and talk to us about it.

If you are interested in becoming a Locasys partner, please contact us.


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Why Work With Us?

We are specialists in RFID and Ultrasound-based locational intelligence technology. Why? So we can be the best at what we do! We partner with industry specialists, domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions that are location aware.

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