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Locasys High-Precision RTLS Brings Locational Intelligence to Retail.

From warehouse operations to enhanced in-store customer experience, real-time location systems (RTLS) take retailers to the next level of efficiency and possibilities. Locational intelligent RTLS solutions enable new location-aware applications to be deployed, leveraging LocaTOR™s ease of installation and pin-point accuracy. Optimize work-flows and employee productivity with history reports and analytics based on location.

Locasys delivers value for retailers by:

  • Monitor the location of contractors, employees, and equipment in real time with unrivalled accuracy.
  • Implement new mission critical retail applications powered by Locasys location-aware technology.
  • Achieve faster ROI with Locasys cost effective RTLS LocaTOR™-based applications.
  • Quickly deploy and reconfigure the LocaTOR™ RTLS infrastructure as needs change.


RTLS Retail Applications:

The service and support we received from Locasys was second to none.