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Locasys High-Precision RTLS Brings Locational Intelligence to Healthcare.

Healthcare facilities are at the forefront of utilising RTLS solutions to enhance operational efficiency and improve safety for both staff and patients. Improved visibility of mobile assets means 'On-Par' ordering can now become a reality providing immediate cost savings.

Healthcare organisations can:

  • In real time monitor the location of patients, staff, and equipment with unrivalled accuracy.
  • Implement new mission critical healthcare applications powered by Locasys location-aware technology.
  • Achieve faster ROI with Locasys cost effective RTLS LocaTOR™-based applications.
  • Quickly deploy and reconfigure the LocaTOR™ RTLS infrastructure as needs change.


RTLS Healthcare Applications:

Healthcare White Paper

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Think of it as GPS but working inside buildings in any room and on any floor.