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Locasys High-Precision RTLS Brings Locational Intelligence to Construction.

Construction site management can immediately benefits from utilisation of real-time location information, With Locasys RTLS, site managers for the first time have real time information about onsite personnel, contractors and equipment at their fingertips Onsite productivity and safety are significantly enhanced by the deployment of Real Time Location Systems (“RTLS”) for staff, equipment and materials.

Construction Site Managers can:

  • In real time, monitor the location of contractors, employees, and equipment with unrivalled accuracy.
  • Implement new mission critical construction site applications powered by Locasys location-aware technology.
  • Achieve faster ROI with Locasys cost effective RTLS LocaTOR™-based applications.
  • Quickly deploy and reconfigure the LocaTOR™ RTLS infrastructure as needs change.
  • Relocate a LocaTOR™ system to another construction site quickly and easily when the building is complete.

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RTLS Construction Applications:

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