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Indoor Positioning

Most people are familiar with GPS tracking, but inside buildings this technology falls short of what is required in terms of accuracy, availability and scope.

Our location-awareness technology takes over where GPS finishes. We provide accurate indoor positioning tags (A-Tags) and location beacons(LocaTOR™s) that can be used in a variety of business applications. Each A-Tag has a unique ID and the technology used comes in various forms including RFID (Active and Passive) and the patented ultrasound system that we supply provides room level accuracy.

Often these application solutions encode a business use case that needs to respond to location-based events. This might be that a tag is identified by a LocaTOR™ causing some event to be triggered. Or the event logic might be more complex or time based, such as two tags being apart by more than a certain distance for a certain amount of time. Our role is to provide the location-aware information that the business application requires. No more. No less.

LocaTOR™s are wireless and can be battery powered so installation costs are minimal. This is a big differentiator of our RTLS technology. When a tag is identified by a LocaTOR™ a message is sent wirelessly to a control computer equipped with a Gateway reader. The sensitivity can be adjusted to register tags from 1 to 30 metres away from a LocaTOR™.

Third-party applications can access this information through the Locasys Application Programming Interface (API). This information can be used to validate permissions, control access and where required to track the location of personnel or assets in real time. Other applications might be to deploy assets optimally or simply to ensure a route is followed by setting waypoints.

The range of application solutions that can benefit from being location-aware is large and growing - each industry sector has its own unique needs and opportunities to benefit from the use of indoor positioning technology. Accurate indoor positioning also opens up plenty of possibilities for new mobile services where information is relayed back to the device holder. This might be a employee who is prompted to do certain tasks on a pre-defined schedule as a location is entered. For a consumer this could mean, for example, receiving direction to the right product and personalised promotion information. Security in emergency situations and better customer satisfaction by deploying resources where and when needed are also highly relevant applications.

We are a location-awareness technology provider and partner with domain experts, industry specialists and system integrators to deliver total end-user solutions. In some situations we might deliver a turnkey solution that requires minimal onsite configuration and in others our role is primarily as the provider of the LocaTOR™ beacons and tags and the actual business application may not be our concern. Wherever your needs are on this spectrum, we are always happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the best way forwards.

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