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Locasys real-time location technology and location-enabled solutions are used across a range of application areas and industry sectors.

The following Case Studies showcase where our real time location technology and location-enabled applications are being applied.


Logging Patient/Care Worker Interactions

Accurately recording each time care assistants attend or monitor residents in their rooms can be challenging. Our LocaTOR™   monitoring system allows you to electronically record every time, every care assistant visits a resident in your care home. The LocaTOR™ system enables managers to identify overdue visits in real time. The LocaTOR™ system records the time of arrival and departure of each carer to each resident.

A range of reports are available:

  • Carer resident visits by carer and resident.
  • The start and end time of each visit.
  • Late or missed visits.
  • Very long visits.
  • Punctuality.

System Overview

Each carer is issued with a radio frequency (RF) enabled personnel badge/tag which uniquely identifies them to the LocaTOR™ system. Battery powered wireless Locasys LocaTOR™s are positioned inside the residents room. When the carer enters the resident’s room their personnel badge is detected by the LocaTOR™. When the carer leaves the residents room, their badge is disconnected from the LocaTOR™ in the resident’s room. The LocaTOR™s are connected to a PC workstation, where the software application is situated. The software application records the precise time and location at which the carer entered and left the residents room.



When a guest orders their food at the counter they are given an A-Tag. The guest then takes the A-Tag and goes to sit at any Table in the restaurant under which a LocaTOR™ is positioned. The A-Vue Restaurant software application keeps track of which A-Tag is located at which Table and displays this information on a screen for the Servers.



The LocaTOR™ system tracks the carts as they move around the building. Key checkpoints input into the LocaTOR™ system, each checkpoint is assigned a time by which the cart will reach it. If the cart does not reach a checkpoint on time, the LocaTOR™ system raises the status from green, amber to red. Green signifies that the cart is reaching each checkpoint at the approved time, amber is when the cart is delayed, however it is reaching checkpoints within pre-set timescales, red means that the cart has not reached a checkpoint within its designated time slot and is presumed at risk. The LocaTOR™ system wirelessly monitors the progress of all cash carts without the need for an operative inputting information into the system. It wirelessly monitors, records and time stamps their progress with no swiping, clocking or other action required. Operatives do not have access to the LocaTOR™ system's hardware or software, they simply move the cart along the approved route. The LocaTOR™ system does not require line of sight between the cart and the checkpoints. The LocaTOR™ system is cost effective to deploy and simple to maintain.

  • Monitors in real time whether all cash carts are at the specified checkpoints on time.
  • Concealed checkpoints, removes the possibility of tampering or circumvention.
  • Records the time and date points are visited in real time providing an audit trail.



Specific outcomes of the project:

    1. Identifying and recording the location of personnel and visitors on site.
    2. Reduces the number of security personnel required to manage visitor access to the site.
    3. Immediate alert when visitors enter restricted areas of the building.
    4. The LocaTOR™ system is fully automatic; it does not require any actions by the visitors or staff - no card to swipe or key pad operation necessary.
    5. The LocaTOR™ system should eliminate tailgating; the LocaTOR™ system broadcasts the precise location of visitors and security personnel.

The LocaTOR™ System

      1. Visitors are issued with an ultrasonic ID badge at the security desk on arrival.
      2. Each member of staff is issued with an ultrasonic ID badge.
      3. Ultrasonic LocaTOR™s are positioned throughout the building.
      4. As visitors and staff move around the building their location is tracked in real time.
      5. If visitors become separated from their escort, the security desk is immediately alerted.
      6. If visitors or staff enter an area for which they do not have security clearance the security desk can be immediately alerted.
      7. The LocaTOR™ system operates in real time.
      8. The LocaTOR™ system maintains a permanent record of visitors and their movements within the building.



When on tour the guards Active-RFID badges are detected by the wireless checkpoints when they are within 5 metres, the battery powered checkpoints automatically identify and timestamp the guards IDs and relay this information wirelessly to the control centre.

Battery powered wireless checkpoints are configured to detect the ID of all badges within a specific range. When the checkpoints receive a signal from badges within their area, they timestamp the event and transmit the time and ID to the server.

        • Automatically monitors the location of guards.
        • Improves reporting.
        • Checkpoints can be relocated s required.
        • Does not rely on guards cooperating with the LocaTOR™ system.
        • Reports exceptions in real time.
        • Provides information in real time.
        • System configurable to meet site specific requirements.

This LocaTOR™ system does not require that the operative knows where the checkpoints are or requires any action on their part. The wireless checkpoints are battery powered and can be concealed to prevent tampering.



Each employee is given has access rights and skill levels for certain machinery and each piece of machinery is classified on the basis of its health and safety requirements. The system monitors who is using what machinery and an alert is triggered if the person using the machine does not have the necessary clearance or required training to use it. Similarly certain machinery should only be operated if a supervisor is in close proximity and this is detected by a LocaTOR™ positioned near to the machine.


Locasys offers numerous benefits to the hotel industry with solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented because our LocaTOR™s can be battery powered and communicate wirelessly. Being able to track personnel in real time allows you to ensure that staff are where they need to be at any given moment. This offers several benefits related to improved service and delivery times.

Among the many benefits offered:

  • Tracking when a housekeeper has entered and left each room, giving you instant notice of when a room is ready for the next guest.
  • Tracking housekeepers, who are often lone workers, allows you to be easily informed if they are injured, threatened, or suffer abuse from guests, thereby improving worker safety.
  • The system, using a combination of our RFID badges and LocaTOR™s, is not restricted by line of sight, and is able to record continuously if desired, giving managers an easy overview of personnel movement and placement, thereby improving everything from worker safety to accountability.


The ability to track both assets and personnel in a factory environment produces a host of useful benefits, including greater security and improved efficiency. The system has further benefits by allowing you to track visitors, and can also be teamed with a “man down” button for staff and advisors to further improve health and safety.

Our ultrasound-based tracking system uses USID badges that do not require line of site, and allow precise tracking of all tagged assets and personnel. The LocaTOR™ system also allows you to monitor and assign access rights to restricted areas as needed.

By using this system, you give managers a greater knowledge of the working environment, and workers the ability to work more efficiently.

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