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  • We specialise in indoor location and positioning systems to enable you know to where your mobile assets and people are.
  • We operate in various industry sectors working in partnership with domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions to our customers.
  • Our focus is on making business applications 'location aware' enabling a range of problems to be solved that require locational intelligence.
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Staff Mustering

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Locasys Mustering Solution is designed to accurately identify record employees entering and leaving each building on site in real time. In the event of an emergency the LocaTOR™ system will record when each employee exits each building. The LocaTOR™ system records employee’s presence at a muster point. The LocaTOR™ system produces reports detailing the last known location of all employees, whether they are recorded as in a specific building and whether they have attended a muster point.

Because Locasys LocaTOR™s can be battery powered the Locasys mustering solution is ideal for temporary locations, such as construction sites, festivals, conferences, etc. However, even for permanent situations the ease of installation is a major selling point.

Each employee is issued with an RFID personnel badge/tag, each tag/badge transmits a unique Radio Frequency Identification RFID signal which uniquely identifies them. The RFID badge/tag transmits the ID up to 50 metres. Locasys Active RFID LocaTOR™s are positioned at each building entrance/exit. Each Locasys Active RFID LocaTOR™ has a unique ID which identifies the location to the system. The Locasys Active RFID LocaTOR™’s record all staff as they enter and leave each building. LocaTOR™’s wirelessly communicate transmit to a central server whether each employee is entering or leaving each building.

A LocaTOR™ is positioned at each muster point, when staff assemble at a muster point the Locasys Active RFID LocaTOR™ signals the presence of all employees at each point to the central system. In the event of an emergency the LocaTOR™ system reports the last known location or each employee in real time and displays the information in to several portable devices. It will provide reports detailing employees who have not left a building and who are not present at a muster point.

Please see our LocaTOR™ A-Vue Muster software product for more information on our out-of-the-box real-time mustering solution.

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Locasys specialises in delivering location-aware solutions based on its industry-leading LocaTOR™ technology.

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The LocaTOR™ A-Vue software applies business logic to locational information to deliver operational benefit.

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