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LocaTOR Applications

  • We specialise in indoor location and positioning systems to enable you know to where your mobile assets and people are.
  • We operate in various industry sectors working in partnership with domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions to our customers.
  • Our focus is on making business applications 'location aware' enabling a range of problems to be solved that require locational intelligence.
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Personnel Location

Locasys Personnel Location applications are designed to monitor and record the location of personnel within a facility. The LocaTOR™ system is able to analyse staff movements, identify operational improvements and enabling management to deploy the optimum staff numbers based on reliable data.

Each person is issued with a badge/tag which transmits a unique RFID identity signal. LocaTOR™ beacons are positioned at strategic points throughout the site. LocaTOR™s are configured to detect A-Tag personnel badges within a range of between 0.5 & 25 metres. As personnel pass LocaTOR™’s their badge ID’s are detected and transmit the ID of the badges/tags within their read zone to a Gateway reader connected to a PC workstation, where the A-Vue software application is situated. The software application records each time an A-tag/badge pass each LocaTOR™, the software automatically records all personnel movements.

In situations where customers or visitors need to located within a facility Locasys Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) can be used for business benefit. Once on-site personnel have been issued with a Locasys A-Tag this opens up a range of applications including:

  • In secure environments, such as datacenters, you can ensure a visitor remains with their assigned member of staff at all times for security and regulatory purposes.
  • Generate reporting and analytical information based on location for audit or workflow optimisation purposes.
  • Deliver location-based content to personnel, such as safety information or a to-do checklist.
  • Record whether personnel, such as security guards or night watchmen, carry out their tour on time.
      Please see our LocaTOR™ A-Vue Tracer software product for more information on our out-of-the-box real-time personnel location solution.

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The demand for location-aware solutions for business is growing. This is being facilitated by the proliferation of smart mobile devices and the growth in cloud-based data and services.

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