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LocaTOR Applications

  • We specialise in indoor location and positioning systems to enable you know to where your mobile assets and people are.
  • We operate in various industry sectors working in partnership with domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions to our customers.
  • Our focus is on making business applications 'location aware' enabling a range of problems to be solved that require locational intelligence.
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Locational Content

In situations where customers or visitors need to located within a facility Locaysy Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) can be used for business benefit. Once a person has been issued with a LocaTOR™ A-Tag this opens up a range of location-base content and messaging applications - so called augmented reality:

  • In a demonstration environment or gallery, information can be relayed to a visitor's smart-phone app providing additional location-based information, such as background about a specific exhibit or room.
  • In an emergency, information about how to reach a muster point or deal with an emergency can be relayed to relevant personnel.
  • At a trade show or event, relevant information can be provided to a delegate based on physical proximity.

The range of application of location-based content applications is large. Our LocaTOR™ A-Vue Content Management System (CMS) provides an ideal platform on which to deploy your specific solution. Please contact Locasys to find out more.

augmented reality
The LocaTOR™ A-Vue software applies business logic to locational information to deliver operational benefit.

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LocaTOR™ Active RFID readers can be battery powered, Locasys solutions are ideal for temporary locations, such as construction sites, festivals, etc. Equally for permanent situations, their ease of installation is a major selling point.

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We are specialists in RFID and Ultrasound-based locational intelligence technology. Why? So we can be the best at what we do! We partner with industry specialists, domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions that are location aware.

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