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LocaTOR Applications

  • We specialise in indoor location and positioning systems to enable you know to where your mobile assets and people are.
  • We operate in various industry sectors working in partnership with domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions to our customers.
  • Our focus is on making business applications 'location aware' enabling a range of problems to be solved that require locational intelligence.

Locasys provides wireless, battery-powered RFID and ultrasound-based applications for enterprises in numerous industries to cost-effectively location-enable critical business solutions.

Fully customizable with a complete design, installation and maintenance package to suit your needs, the patented hardware and software products we market and supply are proven in many industries and sectors and to our clients the benefits are immediately apparent.

While the potential applications for RTLS are huge, it can pass on immediate cost savings and vastly increased efficiency. Locasys has over 15 years of experience in putting RFID, Ultrasound and related technologies to work in practical applications for industrial, commercial, healthcare and public sector organisations. We create solutions for numerous industries and solutions for specific application areas using the most relevant RFID and Ultrasound technologies. You can see examples of some in our RFID and Ultrasound solution case studies. 

Our solutions help organisations to identify the location of assets or people, assign them to jobs, track them in operational use and provide reporting and audit trail. RFID and Ultrasound can be used to automatically identify a wide range of different items, helping organisations to leverage their assets and personnel more effectively, safely and productively.

Locasys Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) allows you to deploy location-aware solutions that leverage information about staff and visitor movements throughout your premises.

At the most basic level, monitoring can be done for audit and regulatory purposes remotely with no need for staff compliance and with a permanent record of their movements. The security benefits are obvious but the reduction in staff costs for monitoring and compliance purposes is another key benefit. Because LocaTOR™s can be located discretely and out of sight their actual location does not to need to be known by staff and in many applications this is paramount to success.

However, the range of Locasys solutions extends significantly beyond this to encompass applications that make real-time use of this location information for business benefit.

The kinds of situations our solutions have been applied in include:

  • Carers in Nursing Homes
  • Visitors in Data Centres and High Security Premises
  • Security Guards in Shopping Centres
  • Customers in Restaurants

Locasys provides out-of-the-box capabilities to track assets that have a unique tag id associated with them. This can be applied to a variety of application areas in industry sectors as varied as healthcare to retail.

Locasys asset tracking capabilities save staff time locating high value, mission critical equipment, minimizes losses through misplacement or theft and reduces the need for excess inventory. Having fewer assets to maintain also saves on maintenance, servicing, storage etc as well as depreciation. Some of the assets our indoor location technology has been used to track include:

  • Medical Equipment in Hospitals
  • Money Carts in Casinos
  • Keys in Prisons
  • Pallets in Warehouses
  • Tools in Factories
  • Reagents in Laboratories
  • Vehicles in Garages

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The demand for location-aware solutions for business is growing. This is being facilitated by the proliferation of smart mobile devices and the growth in cloud-based data and services.

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We are specialists in RFID and Ultrasound-based locational intelligence technology. Why? So we can be the best at what we do! We partner with industry specialists, domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions that are location aware.

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