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Locasys Technology

  • We specialise in indoor location and positioning systems to know where people and assets are in real time.
  • We operate in various industry sectors working in partnership with domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions to our customers.
  • Uniquely, our LocaTOR™ RFID readers can be battery powered which means they can be depoyed quickly & easily.
  • Our focus is on making business applications 'location aware' enabling a range of problems to be solved.


Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Products

Our active RFID personnel badges and asset tags ("A-Tags") transmit a unique RF signal every 1.2 seconds. Unlike USID, RFID signal travel through solid objects walls, floors, ceilings etc.

RFID LocaTOR™s are strategically placed to read all the A-Tags within their read zone. The LocaTOR™s can be tuned to read all the A-Tags within a 0.5 to 50 metre zone.

The RFID LocaTOR™s send the location information via a LocaTOR™ Gateway reader to a LocaTOR™ A-Vue software application which is located on a server which enforces the business rules and monitors the specific zone in real time.

The demand for location-aware solutions for business is growing. This is being facilitated by the proliferation of smart mobile devices and the growth in cloud-based data and services.

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We are specialists in real time location of assets & people. Why? So we can be the best at what we do!

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We are specialists in RFID and Ultrasound-based locational intelligence technology. Why? So we can be the best at what we do! We partner with industry specialists, domain experts and system integrators to deliver total solutions that are location aware.

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