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Locasys is a leading provider of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and specialises in developing location-enabled application solutions. LocaTOR™ is a market-leading wire-free RTLS that we market and supply. Wire-free means that there is no need for power or communications cabling, so our RTLS solutions are deployed quickly & easily, with minimum disruption to businesses.


Locasys specialises in defining and supplying Real Time Location Systems (“RTLS”).

So that we can be the very best at what we do we focus on developing our core LocaTOR™ RTLS . LocaTOR™ provides the enabling RTLS infrastructure for all our solutions. LocaTOR™’s core functionality is pinpointing the precise location (room or area) of personnel or assets.

The patented ultrasonic RTLS systems and  RFID products we market and supply communicate wirelessly with our application software, providing real time locational intelligence information.

All data can be stored, retrieved, reviewed and exported, as required. Our family of Smart Device Apps provide real time information, status reports and push notifications to site personnel.

Our strategy is simple:

  • Market and supply LocaTOR™ auto identification systems that accurately locate site personnel, visitors and portable asset in real time when they are close to or inside buildings;
  • Grow our installed base by deployments via our expanding Accredited Installation Partnerships;

The RFID technology we supply is already deployed in a variety of market sectors in the UK and Internationally by our eco-system of value-added channel partners who provide the customer relationship, installation, commissioning and post sales services.

The healthcare, industrial manufacturing, government and defence, process industries, as well as transportation and logistics sectors, have an increasing appetite and need to deploy RTLS applications to solve problems of location of staff, contractors, site visitors and other assets in everyday operations and in emergencies.

This increasing appetite is fuelling significant growth in RTLS based solutions. The Locasys eco-system is well positioned to support the real time location management needs of customers in all market sectors.


According to Marketsandmarkets’ “Indoor Location Market – Global Forecast to 2019” the “indoor location market in Europe is expected to see a greater traction by the end of the forecast period due to the demand from retail, healthcare, and tourism and hospitality sectors”.

Marketsandmarkets, is also forecasting that the global RTLS market is expected to grow, between now and 2020, by an estimated CAGR exceeding 30%.

At Locasys we believe that the analysts’ forecasts are viable, and the ability of today’s RTLS technology, to push information to, and pull information from, smart devices is contributing to the market growth in the UK and Europe. We envision a wider deployed base to that predicted by the analysts.

Our LocaTOR™ system primarily concerns locating people and things, precisely and securely, using proprietary RFID and Ultrasound technologies, and applying business logic to the generated information.

The same core RTLS architecture covers all deployment types and solutions, and this feature provides the base for future technological developments. LocaTOR™ offers 3D positioning, including orientation and line of travel.

LocaTOR™ also extends to the smart Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Our smart device Apps are increasing the business efficiency benefits to management and employees, who can now be provided with information about the location of equipment, assets, tools and colleagues in real time.

The benefits of location monitoring and auto identification at the enterprise level will continue to grow as integration of analytical software tools; maps and navigation applications enhance the RTLS capabilities.

We believe that the continually increasing expectations of all businesses, the insatiable need to control infrastructure costs, and the ease of use of real time social connectivity are playing a vital role in shaping the future of the indoor real time location market.

RTLS will continue to be an enabler that fulfils the needs in global vertical markets that include Academia & Education, BFSI, Construction, Distribution and Logistics, Facilities Management, Government, Public Safety and Urban Security, Healthcare, Media and Advertising, Manufacturing, Mining Oil and Gas production, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Tourism and Hospitality.


Our RTLS solutions already play a vital role in industries including healthcare, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and defence as well as other smaller markets, for our UK, Europe, US and Middle East based customers.

Our LocaTOR™ proprietary RTLS products and service delivery capabilities leverage wider technologies and trends, enabling SMB, medium size businesses and enterprises to benefit from location-aware applications within their operations.

Over the next few years we will service the growing market with LocaTOR™ by:

  • Continuing to specialise in developing innovative location-aware solutions so that we can be the best at what we do;
  • Developing applications that widen the use of RTLS;
  • Innovating to reduce the cost of ownership making RTLS increasingly attractive to more businesses in more market sectors, and;
  • Continuing to deliver our RTLS solutions to end customers via our installation partners.

Today LocaTOR™ solutions:

  • Provide visualisation capabilities to facilitate improved decision making;
  • Help automate business processes to reduce errors and increase productivity;
  • Bring together geospatial data with existing enterprise information, providing enhanced situational awareness and business-critical decision making.
  • Mobilise staff in real-time using mobile devices that react to their location;
  • Automate data gathering and monitoring for regulatory and compliance obligations.


Locasys solutions provide continuous communication between the on-site network of location modules (LocaTOR™s) and the tagged objects, and automatically gather and record location-based data for real time and post event analysis.

LocaTOR™ benefits our customers by:

  • Automating manual processes reduce operational expenditure by cutting time spent on administrative tasks;
  • Reducing capital expenditure by enabling maximum utilisation of assets;
  • Providing useful data about the business assets and people, enabling the implementation of best practices;
  • Driving reduced operational costs through improved workflows;
  • Facilitating increased revenue through improved workflows;
  • Providing a safer environment for staff and guests;
  • Supporting other business tools enhancing their usefulness to the business;
  • Offering a low cost of ownership;

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Locasys High-Precision RTLS Brings Locational Intelligence to Retail. From warehouse operations to enhanced in-store customer experience, real-time location…

Customer Waiting

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Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking

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Guard Tour

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Mustering Knowing where your staff, visitors and on-site contractors are in the event of an emergency is of crucial importance. Muster information can be sent…

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Locasys In Construction



Mustering Knowing where your staff, visitors and on-site contractors are in the event of an emergency is of crucial importance. Muster information can be sent…

Visitor Information

Visitor Information Provide augmented reality, enhancing visitor experience with contextual content and messaging based on their location.

Staff Safety

Staff Safety Define danger zones using LocaTOR™ beacons and alert staff via push notifications when entering an hazardous area and/or provide safety…


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LocaTOR Products

time in attendance

LocaTOR A-Vue Muster

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LocaTOR A-Vue Tracer

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Locasys Applications

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Asset Location

Locasys Asset Management solutions brings a new paradigm to asset location. The LocaTOR™ system tracks the assets as they move around the building. Assets may…

Time In Attendance

Locasys Time In Attendance solutions are designed to accurately record when employees are at a particular location and for how long. Each employee is issued…

Staff Mustering

Locasys Mustering Solution is designed to accurately identify record employees entering and leaving each building on site in real time. In the event of an…

Personnel Location

Locasys Personnel Location applications are designed to monitor and record the location of personnel within a facility. The LocaTOR™ system is able to analyse…

Locational Content

In situations where customers or visitors need to located within a facility Locaysy Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) can be used for business benefit. Once a…

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The demand for location-aware solutions for business is growing. This is being facilitated by the proliferation of smart mobile devices and the growth in cloud-based data and services.

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